Christina Godwin

Owner | Director | Teacher | Choreographer

Director, choreographer, and instructor of Christina’s Dance World, Christina Godwin owns, operates, and manages Christina’s Dance World. Over the course of 21 years, she has been humbled by the studio, students, and the love they get to share through dance. She is unique in her approach to her business due to her experience as a professional entertainer for Norwegian Cruise Line, Crystal Cruises, and the Siegfried and Roy Show in Las Vegas. Christina’s Dance World’s production shows go beyond a typical dance recital setting and offer a professional performance experience. Christina has dedicated her life to teaching dance and performing and has a special talent for teaching children and students of all ages.

Heather Clark

Ballet and Pointe Teacher

Having danced all her life, Heather is an excellent teacher at Christina’s Dance World. Growing up, she spent summers at the Virginia School of the Arts in Lynchburg, VA, and the Ballet Magnificat in Jackson, MS. She was a member of Rejoice Dance Ministries and the Chapel Hill Ballet Company, where she was a prima ballerina dawning the stage with elegance and poise. With an eye for detail and an empathic heart, Heather’s teaching style is valuable to our studio and production shows. Heather raised three children before joining Christina’s Dance World in 2016.

Nicole Altman

Jazz and Contemporary Teacher

Nicole Altman is an outstanding dancer and teacher. The students she teaches learn from her precision and confidence. She teaches jazz, hip- hop and contemporary to all ages. The performer has been dancing since she was three years old. Nicole was on the Georgia Southern University cheer team and grew up dancing tap, ballet, jazz, and gymnastics. A former student of Christina’s Dance World, Nicole has been a member of the staff since 2018. Whenever Nicole hits the stage, everyone is enthralled by her entertaining stage presence and exuberant personality. Christina’s Dance World loves having her professionalism in the studio, as her technique is that of a professional.

Christy Carter

Ballet, Contemporary and Technique Teacher

Ballet, contemporary, and technique are just a few of the types of dances that Christy Carter teaches. She has been dancing since she was a toddler and has an extensive portfolio of teaching all ages, owning her own studio, and coordinating dance recitals and corporate events. Also a fitness instructor, Christy continues to find new and innovative ways to entertain her students in the classroom. Both children and adults enjoy Christy’s teaching styles and leave the studio feeling accomplished. Christina’s Dance World is thrilled to have Christy Carter as a member of their dance family.

Ruth Ann Blackwell

Tap Teacher

The tap class for teens and adults is taught by Ruth Ann Blackwell. Christina discovered her talent and passion for tap dancing while she was a student in this class, and she offered her a position as an instructor. Ruth Ann grew up dancing in New Orleans and has fond memories of her recitals, costumes, and music from her childhood. She motivates her students to achieve in technique and choreography while bringing an element of joy into their learning. Christina’s Dance World productions feature her as a dancer, and she is also an avid tennis player. Ruth Ann is married with a daughter who graduated from Georgia Tech and currently living in NYC.

Keeli Rigdon

Level 2 Gymnastics Coach

When Keeli emerges from behind the curtain, she lights up the stage. Keeli Rigdon has been dancing her whole life, and her level of talent is out of this world. She has a strong connection with people and has a special place in her heart for students with special needs. Her ability to relate to all ages makes her a favorite of our youth. We have her teaching advanced, level 2 gymnastics, and she has previous experience instructing all ages and levels of tumbling as well as coaching cheerleading. Cheering and tumbling have been a part of her life for over 15 years, including cheering for school and All-Star competitive teams.

Shelly Good

Fitness Instructor

Shelly Good has been teaching fitness for over 30 years and is the CEO of several different businesses. Occupational Therapist by trade, she also teaches group fitness classes. A wellness educator and business success mentor, she offers business consulting and training. She has brought to CDW Fitness Boutique an element of knowledge and professionalism that is undeniably outstanding. Everyone in her classes enjoys her style of teaching and leaves class satisfied. Shelly is married with three wonderful children.

Anna Hawthorne

Musical Theatre Coach

Children love Anna Hawthorne’s voice and her “on fire” attitude! A natural communicator, she connects with the youth and brings joy to adults with her vibe and spunky style. In 2021, she made it through four rounds of “The Voice” and came close to becoming a participant. The worship leader at St. Simons Community Church studied in New York and was in musical theater in high school. Anna has performed in numerous production shows since she was in high school, including competitions and with Christina’s Dance World. Whether you are interested in pursuing a career in the arts or just want to take a fun class, her musical theatre class is perfect for you.
No matter your age and ability, Ms. Christina has a gift for bringing out your inner happiness and talent through music, dance, and fellowship. She makes learning to dance fun, memorable, and a pleasant experience!

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