Production Team Auditions

Christina’s Dance World will host auditions for the Production and Competition Team (2024-2025)

on May 14, 2024, from 4:30 PM to 7:00 PM.

Production Team Contract – Download

Production and Competition Team members must be 8 years old and have already had some dance training.

It is important to understand not everyone makes the team. To be accepted, dancers must meet certain criteria and have dance experience. When you attend the audition, you’ll learn what to expect. You need to bring the signed contract to the audition in order to participate.

If you can’t meet the requirements, you are under no obligation.

If you make the team, you must meet the following summer requirements:

  • Become a full-time, annual member.

  • Book at least one private lesson in May, June, or July

  • The requirement is to attend summer classes is to take at least 6 hours in June and July.

  • Assist with two preschool camps.

  • Be willing to travel to the convention and/or the competition or both.

  • Agree to purchase all team gear (uniforms, backpacks, costumes, dance shoes, etc).

  • Three hours of dance per week are required from August through May.

Note: The production team of 2023-2024 will  travel to a convention and/or competition and will perform in several community venues.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions. 

Many blessings and best of luck,
Ms. Christina

What is the CDW Production and Competition Team?

We are a production and competition team for dancers who enjoy dancing, singing and acting together. Members of the teams will specialize in learning extravagant numbers for productions and competitions.  Our Team members are the individuals who will represent CDW when asked to go into the community.


$240 a month for the three required weekly hours

$300 a month for unlimited classes

$400 Approximate cost for Team gear

$170 for show costumes for spring production

How do I qualify for auditions?

To be eligible, you must be 8 years old and no older than age 20. Christina’s Dance World requires that you take at least 3 dance classes per week during the fall season. We expect the Production and Competition Team to only have three excused absences per season as a first priority.

When do we meet each week?

The Production and Competition Team classes take place every Tuesday after school at your appointed time.

What do I wear for auditions?

Great attitude, big smiles, and proper dance attire. If possible, wear a black leotard, black hot shorts, tan or pink tights, and all your dance shoes. Make sure your hair is neatly pulled back.

Show us what you’ve got!

Specialty talent (musicians, acrobats, jugglers, hoola hoopers, flexible yoga, etc.) can audition to be a guest star in our performances.

Our goal!

Our goal is to foster and grow talented dancers with driven personalities and to refine their technique. Our teachers choreograph elaborate routines with several different genres of dance and a wide range of talent, giving a performance experience comparable to one of  a Broadway show. Students are given a safe place to fellowship and receive God’s love through music and dance.