“Ms. Christina, you’re so good to God!”
Student of S.O.A.R. & CDW
"I would be remiss if I did not take the time to thank you for bearing witness to our community in such a unique way. Your love for God, Family, Friends and Dance is inspiring. I am so honored to have my little granddaughter, “Aubree Rose”, in your dance world. Looking forward to many more recitals."
Dawn Smith
Grandmother of Aubree Rose
"About a month ago I wanted to start dancing again but didn’t know how to go about it. I ran into Terry Burns at Wake Up and she led me to Christina. So I emailed Christina and told her my situation and she said, “come on!” So I did!Not only did she welcome me with open arms and a warm hug but she has continued to encourage me and the other girls with Princess Devotions (which we love) and prayer. I cannot tell you the impact being at Christina’s Dance Word has had in my life. An encouraging place to dance and let go of life was just what I needed and the Lord provided this through Christina.So- come out and watch us all dance in the Christmas Production. Not only because it’s going to be so fun and awesome but also to support what the Lord is doing here with Christina and all the girls, young and old, that she pours into."
Liz Riccio
Student of CDW
"Dear Christina, I had the pleasure once again of attending my granddaughter Suzanna Joy Kelso’s recital! I hope I can put into words the joy I experienced at seeing all the precious performers from the youngest to the oldest express themselves in dance. Seeing Brandon perform brings tears to my eyes! How you have taught him the gift of dance and then nurtured him along over the years is truly an inspiration to me. This is the Christ like love we are called to walk in. You have the discernment to teach and give boundaries while exhibiting faith in love with patience and endurance. You are truly operating in your calling! I so appreciate the example you are to my granddaughter and all the children who have the advantage to be under your instruction. You have truly been blessed to be a blessing! Sincerely yours, Susan Carey PS. I love your glamor! 💃"
Susan Carey
Grandmother of Suzanna Joy Kelso